Car Magnet


At Custom Signs Today, we offer your business an opportunity to advertise on the go by gaining more exposure while on the move with your car.

We understand that small businesses desire options for permanent signage and that is why at Custom Signs Today, we not only design car magnets with powerful messages meant to promote your business, but also offer you the flexibility to easily remove it or use it with other vehicles when you wish.

Custom Signs Today designs your car magnets with the best quality materials. Because we do not want you to lose it, we use the thickest magnetic sheeting on the market so that it properly adheres to your vehicle. Furthermore, it resists fading because the material is both weather and ultra violet resistant. We go the extra mile to round the corners on car magnets thereby reducing the tendency of peeling up during use on the road.

Advertising day and night is what makes your business noticed and at Customs Signs today, using reflective material can make your car magnets become illuminated when head lamps shine on them at night or in low light. The advantage of this reflective material is that it is designed to be unaffected by rain, snow and heat allowing you message to always be seen.

We give you unique customized graphics. All you need do is personalize your design with your company logo and name, specialty, phone number and any other eye catching detail that ensures your message is grasped by potential customers while on the road or even in your driveway or at the job site.

With our car magnet pros at Custom Signs Today, we design magnetic car signage that is bound to surpass your expectation. Not just that, we understand that because there is a limited time for potential customers to understand your message, we advise you on placement positions for easy and quick reading while on the go.

Contact us today and you can be sure to turn every traffic jam into a promotional opportunity for you and your business.

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