Custom Face Signs

Cabinet Signs mounted to a wall or Pylon Signs that are free standing in front of your business have one thing in common, the “FACE” that makes up the message of the sign. Weather it’s the change of the business name or the need to replace the face due to damage, when it comes time to change the face of your sign, Custom Signs Today can take care of that.

If your business or organization is moving into a new space with an existing cabinet sign above the entrance or has a space available on a monument sign in front of a strip mall, your name or brand logo needs to be displayed. Pressure sensitive vinyl is a common solution to getting you noticed at your place of business. Since most cabinet and monument signs have internal lighting, a translucent vinyl would be used in an instance like this, so when the sun goes down and the lights come on, the vinyl and the face of your sign lights up in the vibrant color of the vinyl. When the sign does not have its own internal lighting, a high quality pigmented vinyl is used on the face of your sign.

If the face of your sign has been in service for many years, the acrylic face may need to be replaced all together. The Florida sun can generate a huge amount of fade to the surface of the exposed surface of the sign. If a different message needs to be displayed, removing the old letters may reveal a ghost image of the letters that were once there. Placing new vinyl letters in this surface will have an undesirable effect on the way your business name is displayed.

We will provide the design, material and installation to replace or update the look of your business or organization to new. If permitting is required to make the change legally, Custom Signs Today handle everything from start to finish.

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