Business Cards


Most any business card will have at least a name of a person or company but there are other essential and useful elements of a good business card.

1.Name of Individual – Not every type of business card has to have the name of the individual but it’s a nice personalized touch.

2.Name of Business or Organization – A business card almost always has a business or organization name on it.

3. Address – A physical address or a mailing address or both are typical parts of a business card.

4. Phone Number(s) – Multiple numbers are typically listed in order of voice, fax, cell but you can omit any numbers that are not the preferred method of phone contact.

5. Email Address – Including an email address is an important element for most businesses.

6. Web Page Address – As with email addresses, it is an essential element for most businesses.

7. Job Title of Individual – Not a required element, but can be important if a persons position needs to be identified.

8. Tagline or Description of Business – A tagline or brief description can be useful when the business name is somewhat ambiguous.

9. A logo used consistently on business cards and other print / electronic materials helps to establish a company’s identity.

10. Graphic Image(s) (including purely decorative elements) – Small companies without a logo may choose to use generic or stock images or custom illustrations that help reinforce what the company does.

11. List of Services or Products – A long list will usually clutter up a standard size business card but when using two-sided or folded business cards a bullet list of services offered or main product lines can extend the usefulness of the business card.

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