Custom Signs Today is a Licensed Non-Electrical Sign Contractor. This means we can legally install your signs anywhere in Palm Beach County. It also means that we can pull our own Permits if your signs requires that service.

When it’s legal to install a sign without a permit, our license assures you that we have the skills to install your sign properly. If you need lettering applied to your commercial fleet of trucks or vans, we know how to do that! Our license permits us to be in contract with you to do that job. When we are involved in large projects, like entire office buildings or apartment complexes, our license allows our team of professional installers to install ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) signs at the correct height and location so that everyone including the visually impaired and physically disabled can find and identify all locations easily.

How about putting up window lettering? A wonderful and very common form of signage to advertise your businesses products and services requires that the company have a licensed contractor on staff qualified to do what everyone assumes is a pretty simple job. When you ask us to install your plastic or aluminum letters outside you place of business, that will require a permit and that’s where we come in.

Anyone can be taught how to install signs, but not everyone is licensed and therefore bound to the regulations that a contractor is. You wouldn’t hire an electrician to pour a concrete driveway anymore than you should hire an installer that isn’t licensed to do your sign work.

Remember to choose Custom Signs Today to Install your signs the RIGHT WAY…Legally!

License U-21234