Banner Stands

The use of a banner stand is the perfect way to display your products, services, school programs, in-store promotions or anything that need attention drawn to the eye of your potential market. Used predominantly as an indoor product, banners attached to a banner stand are a great way to present your company or organization in a convention setting to aid in getting your information out in front of the masses.

Banner stands come in a large variety of configurations. There are retractable stands that can be pulled up from its base and held erect by means of a telescopic pole some 80″ tall. They allow common widths around 33″ – 35″. With an that kind of area available to design in, your message can be effectively delivered and viewed at great distances. “Spider stands are another stand design that uses spring loaded tension to keep the banner consistently open. This type of stand is light weight and extremely portable. All banner stands Coke with their own carrying case for easy travel between events or promotions.

There are also options in the type of banner material used to create a visually stunning display. A standard 13 ounce banner material can be used as a durable option as this material is used for exterior display banners that can withstand outdoor conditions. It come as in both a matte finish as well as high gloss for a brilliant , color rich visual. Display banner material is also available in a “smooth” finish version. Graphics printed on this material has a flawless texture rendering a very professional appearance.

To increase your brands visual impact, multiple banner stands can be placed side by side for an image that displays in a landscape profile. This approach takes advantage of a larger available display area allowing for a more creative design option.

When your needs lean towards displaying your message in a professionally sharp manner consult with our experts at Customer Signs Today and let us guide you through picking the right type of banner stand for your next presentation.

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