Vinyl Banners

How Are Vinyl Banners Made


Today, vinyl banners have been engaged for a wide range of uses and applications. These banners have proven to be a perfect advertising solution for a range of business activities that include special promotions, company’s brand or logo, school or team event and many more. Vinyl banners can be easily identified almost everywhere as table banners, building banners, billboards street banners, tradeshow banners, as well as stadium flags and roadway pole banners.

Vinyl banners come in various forms and texture. This depends on the kind of material used in manufacturing them. The most commonly used material is the PVC (a heavy weight vinyl). Different banner substrates have different weights ranging from the light weight of 9 ounces to a heavy weight of 22 ounces per square yard while others may be single or double sided.

Grommets can be added for the ease of hanging a banner. A special mesh material is used to pint large banners especially large ones that cover an entire building side or fencing around a construction site so as to enhance the easy flow and passage of wind through them.

Vinyl banners are produced in various types. These products can last up to three to five years. Most of the digitally printed banners tend to provide UV-fading resistance to guard against weathering. They contain durable pigments that were printed with UV-curable inkjet inks, eco solvent and solvent based inks. However, these banners can also be digitally printed with water based (i.e. aqueous inks).

Usually, large format inkjet printers are normally used to print on these vinyl banners. Most of these printers are manufactured by various Hi-tech companies such as Mutoh, HP, EFi Vutek, Roland, Mimaki.

Grand format inject printers that could be wider than 2.5m can be used to produce large banners that would be seamed together to produce banners large enough to cover entire sides of buildings or stadiums. There are no limits to what size can be produced to capture the attention of your target audience.

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